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Apple Juice Fast-All Natural Remedy for Gall Stones and Kidney Stones

This remedy works equally well on kidney stones and gall stones.  It DISSOLVES the stones! My mother, father in law, and husband as well as numerous friends have used this remedy and have all achieved success!!

My aunt, who has had a colostomy, went on this fast twice and eliminated the majority of her kidney stones.  She had a ton of them!

  • 2 quarts of apple juice concentrate (from a health food store ONLY) OR  juice fresh apples and drink the juice (3 gallons or so, this is what I do)

  • Dilute enough with distilled water to make 3 gallons.  In other words, 5 parts water, 1 part concentrate.

  • Drink 12 large glasses/day.

  • Alternate apple juice and distilled water every half hour. So, drink one glass of apple juice and a half hour later drink a glass of distilled water, etc. If you’re consistent with drinking every half hour, it should curb your hunger.

  • Toward the end of the third day, drink 4 oz extra virgin olive oil. And finish the day drinking apple juice.

  • Eat NOTHING else during the three days.

If the refrigerator overpowers you, you may have one apple at the end of each day.

Be close to the bathroom during this process.

If you get a terrible headache, give yourself an enema…yes, I said enema. It will take the pain away immediately by eliminating the toxins out of your colon which is the cause of disease in the first place.

There are two types of gallstones you will observe when they pass at the end of the third day:

1.  It will look like ground brick when you eliminate.


2. It will be a rubbery-jelly like substance

People who have problems with Gall Bladder and Stones usually eat large amounts of meats and fatty foods. It is strongly recommended to eat a whole food natural diet, which is eating animal products sparingly (10% or less of your diet), including dairy, meats, and all animal by-products.

Avoid foods such as alcohol, cocoa, coffee, carbinated beverages, canned and pasteurized juices, artificial drinks, sugar juices/drinks, white flour products, all refined or processed foods, all fried and deep-fried vegetables including all types of potato chips.


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