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Redmond Clay or Bentonite or Aztec clay (eat and wear)

Many years ago I heard about a clay in the earth called Bentonite. I was fascinated to read about the cleansing effects in the body that this clay brings. My husband got real excited about it when we were first married and drank it. That seemed kind of extreme to me at that point in my life! Now, I am so excited about it I have shared it with old ladies for insomnia and to babies with diaper rash.

Bentonite can be obtained at most health food stores. Aztec clay is bentonite that has been cured in the sun for 8 months and is thought to be superior to regular bentonite. In speaking with one of the owners of the redmond clay company, he thinks their clay is superior to bentonite. I have used all of the clays and found all of them helpful for what we have used them for.

My husband has had a skin cancer on the top of his head. He used black salve many times on it and it has kept coming back. This time he softened it up for days alternating with baking soda, DMSO, and aztec clay and then applied the black salve. It responded much better and the healing seems to have gone down deeper into the body. We are hopeful that it might be taken care of this time.

A dear lady in a nearby town was having difficulty sleeping. She asked me what to do about a yeast problem that she had been suffering with for years. I didn’t realize she had been having difficulty sleeping also. I took some aztec clay over to her house and put a teaspoon of it in water as we visited, etc.

After about 3 hours I had her drink half of the water without stirring it up right off the top. She said it didn’t taste bad at all. I told her to stir it up at bedtime and drink the whole thing as we have done many times in the past. She called me the next morning and told me the yeast problem was tons better and that she had the best night sleep she can remember! I was so happy for her!

My son with Down’s Syndrome that is 17 has acne quite bad with the hormonal changes and the treats that they so kindly give him at school. I have tried so many different things and either I haven’t been consistent enough or he is a tough case. I’m open to either scenario. Anyway, I started having him drink a teaspoon of clay to ten ounces of water that has set for about a half of a day and I have been applying a paste on his face until it dries and then we wash it off. To make the paste I just add enough water to make the consistency of glue in a bowl and let it sit overnight with a plastic bag over the bowl so it won’t dry out.

In my Redmond clay booklet it says, “Acne: To use Redmond Clay for acne, you simply apply a thin layer on the face, and wash it off before it is totally dry. Many local teenagers have called it “Zit killer”. An insurance agent from Brigham City got some Redmond Clay for his teenage daughters. They loved it because it worked better than any of the drug store medications.

A 15 year old boy had been using the Redmond Clay on a regular basis for his complexion and had no blemishes at all. Then he went on vacation and campiing trips for three weeks. After three weeks without using it, his face was full of blemishes especially along the hairline of the forehead. He used the Redmond Clay for two weeks and was completely blemish free.

A 16 year old boy who had a very bad complexion used the Redmond Clay for 6 weeks. His complexion had cleared up and looked so good that people thought he was taking the medicine acutane.

The Aztec clay was purchased at The Good Earth Health Food Store in Ogden on Riverdale Road. They suggest just using it topically. I think it is because of the FDA so we use it as we want to, anyway. Redmond clay can be purchased by dialing the company at 435-529-7402. You can also contact Neal Bosshardt with questions by emailing him: nealb@redmondminerals.com


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that’s sounds like some good stuff!

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